Kitty slouchy hat made for myself. 

Slightly modified Gumdrop Slouchy Hat

Fox beanie, WIP. Just need to make and attach the fox ears. :)

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I’m late but this is my Mother’s Day gift to my mom.

How can I get the pattern for this? I would love to make it for my boyfriend..:)

Which pattern? :)

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100% cotton. For your face. C:

More colors coming soon.

Hexagon granny squares.

Sorry for the lack of updates! I haven’t been photographing any of my latest projects. :D Apologies.

Red Heart - Heartfelt

Hey, a friend of mine requested an Assassin's Creed hood, and yours is the best-looking one I've seen. Would you mind sharing the pattern with me?

The pattern is very easy. Basically it’s a custom hoodie scarf pattern, modified off of a simple pattern I found floating around.

I chained a row until I was happy. I chained 324 as my base row. It really depends on how tight you crochet and which hook you’re using. I used  a US 5mm (H) hook.


ch 324

starting in the second st from hook sc across turn work 

ch 1 and sc across again

rep for 13 rows or desired width of the scarf.

for the hood

Fold the scarf in have to determine the middle

I crocheted for 90 stitches to get the width of the hood

ch 1

sc across

rep until you have a large rectangle

finish it off

then fold the rectangle in half and sew the top edge together

and tada! you have your hoodie scarf!

For the Assassin’s Creed look, I took red and sc along the inside of the hood in the inside loops

the point on the hood is just a simple triangle. Any triangle pattern will do.

Trim with gold stitching and you’re all done!

I apologize if this doesn’t make a lot of sense, I’ve never written my patterns down before.

If you need I can take the time to make a picture tutorial. :)

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